KOYAA in nagajivi predmeti at Kinodvor

11.11.2017 - 2.12.2017

The six new Koyaa films will be shown at 10 am every Saturday between 11th of November and 2nd of December as part of Kinodvor’s new 'Prvič v kino' film programme. On each occasion the films will be followed by ‘Hi Koyaa!’, a short documentary about the making of the series.

Building on two earlier pilots, ‘Koyaa the Extraordinary’ (2011) and ‘Flower’ (2013), director Kolja Saksida has produced six new films, to be shown at Kinodvor and other selected cinemas of the Slovenian Art Cinema Association: ‘Naughty Toy Car’, ‘Wild Sunbed’, ‘Flying Workbook’, ‘Silly Stickers’, ‘Dancing Socks’ and ‘Freezing Scarf’. The ‘Hi Koyaa!’ documentary, filmed as a co-production between ZVVIKS and Studio Dim from Croatia, will be shown alongside the films.

The documentary takes the viewer way back, to the very beginning of Koyaa’s story and to the childhood world of his creator, Kolja Saksida. We go behind the scenes to see how animated films are created, meet the other members of the team, and see how the sets are produced and, most intriguingly, how voice and movement are given to Mr Raven and our hero, allowing them to come to glorious life. Actor Janez Škof provides the warm Slovenian narration that accompanies the film.

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Saturday, 11. 11. 2017, 10.00
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Saturday, 2. 12. 2017, 10.00